Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Empties Number 18!

Hello My Lovelies

I'm here with another empties post- I seem to using up so many products recently. On average it can take me months to use even the smallest product up but I've recently made a bit of a promise that I will try not to buy any more beauty products until I've used up the huge stash I already own! Lets see how that long lasts...

First up is a Bath and Body Works foaming hand wash that I bought online for a silly (ridiculous) price but I love foaming hand washes and B&B have such great scents that I couldn't resist! I will be buying some more of the hand washes from the brand but not till October when I go back to America and I can stock up.

Next up is the So..? body spray in the scent watermelon- it was a lovely fresh mist, I've not repurchased anymore as I have a huge stash to get through but I definitely will be trying more from the range later in the year.

Another body spray I've recently finished after two years, yes two years! Is the Victoria's Secret Victoria body spray-I picked this up when I was going to Iceland the first time in duty free and having never had anything from the brand went for a body mist. I can't wait to pop into Victoria's Secret when I go the U.S at the end of the year as I'll be stocking up and its much cheaper.

My new ultimate face cream comes from Nivea and is their Q10 pore refining day cream a super rich but refreshingly light face cream that works well with my fairly greasy but sensitive skin. I've used up a couple pots of the creams and I have to say for now I don't intend to use anything else.

The Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask was a great mask to try especially as I love trying new face masks/face wipes. It was super slimy and was a bit tricky to open and place on my face but at £1 it's an utter bargain and I'll be picking up another one of these once I've worked through my stash.

Finally is a Bath and Body Works Iced Pear Margarita body spray a gorgeous summer scent from the brand that literally lasts all day- these sprays are such a good price as you can usually get them on offer in the States and again this will be another item making its way into my suitcase when I visit.

What have you been using recently? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @steaders83.

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  1. I absolutely love Garniers moisture bomb face mask! Great post.
    Please check mine out


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