Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Youtuber's made me buy it-Fashion Edition!

Hello My Lovelies

Youtuber's and bloggers are super influencers, I always recommend products to friends and family and also here on my blog and I wonder how often do people take those recommendations and buy the products? I too love to see what other bloggers are purchasing and on occasion go and buy some of my favourite items.

I recently saw this belt on Fleur De Force's Coachella vlog- a western style leather belt from Topshop. I had been looking for a new belt for some time and when I saw Fleur wearing hers I knew I had to have it. 
Also from Topshop and seen on Hannah Gale's Instagram are these wooden and suede block heel sandals. I really didn't need another pair of shoes but Hannah had styled them so effortlessly that I knew they would look great this summer with really simply outfits. The heel height is just right for someone like me that literally can't walk in anything other flat shoes!! 

I can't say one particular blogger or Youtuber influenced me to purchase this jumper as I saw it across social media but the pretty Spring pink shade and comfy style is perfect for lounging around or I'll wear my to my dance classes. It was £5 in Primark which is an utter bargain!!

Finally this t-shirt was spotted on Tanya Burr's video's and social media. I picked this up in New Look which was actually part of a pj set. I wear the bottoms to bed and wear the top with denim skirts and boots on the weekends. I love the text but just wish the date was 1983 and not 1993 as this was the year I was born. It's a really light material so will be fab to wear in the warmer months coming up (well hopefully!) 

What have your favourite youtuber's inspired you to buy? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram at wonderfulworldblog.

Till next time,

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Empties 19!

Hello My Lovelies

I'm back with another empties and all of the goodies that I've actually been able to finish this past month.
First up is a new product to my stash Superdrug's Active shampoo which removes chlorine and salt so perfect for the next few month's when I spend any free time in the pool or on the beach- after using this tube up I've already purchased another.
Next is L'Oreal's shampoo/conditioner- I bought it on a whim wanting to see how a conditioner could also act as a shampoo and whilst it was a nice product to try it wasn't amazing. I felt it dried out my hair so I had to use a hair oil or a pre hair mask. The bottle is really big though so great value!
COLAB is my holy grail dry shampoo- I couldn't live without this brand, if you haven't tried any of their products do it today.

L'Oreal face wipes in the fine flowers scent were also another new product I saw when I was walking around Boots- I would definitely buy them again as they were super cleansing.
From Bath and Body Works I've just finished using the warm brown sugar body spray a sweet winter scent. I used this every day for a good couple of months to finish it up as I didn't want to leave it in my cupboard half used till next Winter.
The final two products are items that I always repurchase as soon as I know they are almost used up. A No7 eyebrow pencil which is perfect for every day use and lasts all day, which is rare for a drugstore pencil and Nivea Q10 pore refining day cream which is by far the best face cream I've used for some time. It's not too rich and a little goes a long way- I always pick this up on offer in Superdrug.

What have been your most used products? Let me know in the comments or via twitter @steaders83.

Till next time,

Friday, 19 May 2017

Curvy Girl OOTD 23: Birthday Edition!

Hello My Lovelies

Last month I celebrated my 34th Birthday, I think it's the first one I've not actually cried on since turning 30 and I had the best day (which I've previously blogged about). Before I went for lunch my sister and I found this pretty little field filled with rape seed and got a few shots.

My entire outfit is from New Look other than my accessories- I tend to find a few bits in New Look every now again that I love and then I won't find anything again for absolutely ages.

The skirt is a black denim with fraying and so comfortable to wear-some of my skirts I'm constantly pulling down but not this one. My jumper is a perfect light pink, I'm really into pink items and when I tried this on in my local shop I knew it would look great with my denim skirt. The jumper also has a really unique cut out pattern that runs along the top. 

My leggings and boots are staples from Sainsbury's and my bag my new go to when I don't need to take much out is my YSL Dylan. As I've said in a previous OOTD the boots have the slightest block heel which make them comfortable to wear and look great with skirts, jeans and dresses so they literally haven't been off my feet in months. Finally my sunglasses are from Ray-Ban and remind me of styles from the 1930's.

What are your favourite items of clothing or brands at the moment? Make sure you leave me a comment or check out my Instagram at wonderfulworldblog

Till next time,

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Product of the Month-May 2017!

Hello My Lovelies

I've not written a product of the month for so long- but I've been loving the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray for months and couldn't resist 'bigging' it up here on my blog!

Firstly how did I live without this product for so long?? Why didn't somebody tell me that I needed it in my makeup stash and then frog march me to my nearest stockist?

I've been using the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray for just over a year after picking up one of the mini bottles in Sephora. Since that trip to Sephora I have been obsessed with using this little gem to set my makeup on days when I really need it to last. Before UD setting spray I never really saw the point of using anything other than powder to set my makeup but this is a game changer. I always end up with a greasy t-zone and the spray really does keep the shine at bay for hours without clogging my pores and makes my finished look pretty much flawless.

You can pick up a 118ml bottle of the spray for £23.50 or a 30ml travel size for £10- whilst to me that is a little pricey it is so worth the price and especially if you can get a discount code.

Have you tried the Urban Decay setting sprays before- let me know your thoughts in the comments or via twitter @steaders83.

Till next time,

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Copenhagen Haul!

Hello My Lovelies

When I go on little trips I don't tend to go shopping but it was too tempting to not go into a few shops and pick up a few bits whilst away on my mini break.

First up was Sephora for a couple of face masks, I used these for the first time last year when I went to Las Vegas. Whilst they are a little pricey I knew I wanted some more the next time I went to a Sephora. I also grabbed some face wipes for the first time which are amazing- one side of the wipe is rough and is great for exfoliating and the other super smooth and perfect for cleansing. 

Next up I went and had a look in Victoria's Secret- a couple of years ago I would never of even looked at any of their items but now I've lost some weight I know that a lot of their clothes and in particular their underwear will now fit my curvy bottom! I couldn't resist these two pairs, I especially love the VS ones as these are my initials. I can't wait to be going to New York at the end of the year and have the chance to shop in bigger Victoria's Secret and Sephora.

Before we hopped on the plane I went into Accessorize in duty free and picked up a new sunglasses case with the cutest cactus print and some hoop earrings that I've wanted to repurchase for ages after loosing my last pair.

Finally I picked up two magnets from Copenhagen and Malmo to add to my ever growing collection. Here's to my next trip so I can add some more!

Where was the last place you visited- make sure you share with me in the comments!

Till next time,

Friday, 5 May 2017

What I got for my Birthday 2017!

Hello My Lovelies

Last month was my Birthday- For the first time in a long time I decided to take the day off and I spent it by having a lovely lay in and then going for lunch. In today's post I wanted to share as I always do what I got for my birthday, I was absolutely spoilt with some lovely gifts.

My sister gifted me this super colourful quilt covered in fried eggs which I think came from Primark- on the reverse side its grey (which matches my wall) and has bacon and toast all over it. I love how vibrant this is and it literally makes me smile every time I go into my room.

My sister also bought me these sausage dog pj's from Matalan, she knows that I really want to have a sausage dog in the future and again the orange colour is so bright and summery that I can't wait to wear them.

My parents bought me a voucher for a back massage as in the past year I try to treat myself to one a month and also my favourite chocolate a chocolate orange. They also gave me some cash towards my most recent bag purchase my YSL Dylan.

With a few presents still to come from people I haven't seen I was truly treated so thank you to all of those that wished me a happy birthday.

Till text time,

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Copenhagen & Malmo Highlights!

Hello My lovelies

My Easter weekend was spent in Denmark and Sweden exploring the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo. It was a fun weekend full of laughs and seeing new things so read on to see my highlights!

On Easter Saturday we spent the day hopping on and off of the buses going around the city as it was torrential rain and freezing cold! Sadly the bus had no heating so we sat on a cold bus all day which wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done. However it was great to visit the beautiful coloured buildings that I had admired for years and pop into a cafĂ© for a hot drink.   

We then went along to visit the Little Mermaid based on the fairy tale of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. I was really shocked to see how small she is- I was expecting a larger sculpture. It was a flying trip down to the waters edge as the temperature was hitting zero at this point. 

Then it was on to town for some much needed hot food and a walk around the many shops. We couldn't resist picking up some churros covered in nutella and chopped nuts as we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring!

On Easter Sunday we took the train over the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo Sweden- it takes roughly an hour on the way there and 30 minutes coming back and costs £20 for a return ticket (don't forget your passport!) Malmo is Sweden's third largest city and compared to Copenhagen felt cleaner, prettier older style architecture and bigger spaces to walk and explore.

Never having been to Sweden I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved my first adventure and now can't wait to book a mini trip to Stockholm. We only had a couple of hours so we walked mainly around the main square and grabbed some late lunch to take back to the train with us.

Though it was a flying visit to both Denmark and Sweden I felt that I got a good vibe for each country and I now know that whilst Denmark was fun its Sweden that I want to visit in more detail.

Make sure you check out my recent outfit of the day which was meant to be shot in Denmark but had to be abandoned!

Have you visited either cities before? I would love to hear what you thought- so please do leave me a comment or visit my Instagram wonderfulworldblog or twitter @steaders83.