Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas My Lovelies!

I hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas and that you all were treated to lots of lovely things! Today's post is all about what I got for Christmas this year (and a few photo's of the day!) and wow was I spoilt. I'm a total nightmare when it comes to buying gifts for, so thumbs up too all that bought for me!

From my parents I received a TomTom Sat Nav which was actually on one of my wish lists this year (Father Christmas must of been reading my blog!) they also got me some beautiful boots from Topshop and a coat from Matalan. In my stocking I found a Marks and Spencers woolly hat, I do love a good hat! Some Liz Earle goodies, Body Shop goodies and yummy minstrels.

My sister picked me some great gifts....A tangle teezer, black buckle boots which will look amazing with my black velvet skirt, a pumpkin spice candle (I looked every where for one of these this year), a Cath Kidston mirror (perfect for my bag), a little red pouch that says love at the top in gold, Lush goodies amongst many other things!
My friend Hayley bought me a floral candle I've had my eye on for a while from Laura Ashley, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Cath Kidston hand cream, a cute fox book mark and a shabby chic notebook!! My friend Manx bought me two Yankee Candles in my favourite scent Fireside Treats.

My sister dressed our table this year and I think it looks amazing!!!!

What did you get for Christmas this year? Post your links to your blogs and I'll take a look!!

Till next time,

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winchester at Christmas!!

Hello my Lovelies,

Last weekend my sister and I surprised my mum by taking her to Winchester for the day, if you don't know where Winchester is it's a city on the South Coast about 15 minutes by train to Southampton and 1 hour to London. Winchester is a beautiful city whatever month you visit- I went in the summer too but Christmas time is the best time of year as the Christmas markets by the cathedral and high street are all open and they have beautiful fairy lights every where.
We started by going up and down the high street stopping to look at the stalls and listening to carols by the Christmas tree.

We then stopped for some food and mulled cider at a lovely pub called The Bishop On The Bridge before making our way to the Cathedral. 

The Cathedral and Winchester are so magical and really makes you feel festive and gets you in the mood for Christmas. My favourite stall was one that sold lots of shabby chic and cute Christmas bits and bobs!

It was such a lovely day out, so relaxing getting to walk around leisurely checking out all that Winchester has to offer.

Have you ever been to Winchester? What was your favourite part, let me know in the comments! Have you done anything special to get in the Christmassy mood?

Till next time,
                   Tori. x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Review

Hello My Lovelies!

Today's post is all about one of the most talked about foundations in the world... Nars Sheer Glow!!

I have been coveting Sheer Glow for over six months if not longer and I had every intention of buying it once I had finished my Laura Mercier a Silk Creme foundation, how ever I don't tend to use up bottles and bottles of foundation and it became apparent that I might never buy it. So I decided that I would buy it the next time I visited london, except I didn't get a chance to make it to london before ASOS did a 30% discount code and I knew I had to take the chance and buy it without being colour matched. I have really fair skin so I was worried about buying the colour Mont Blanc which is light 02 but the only light colour ASOS stocks and I had this terrible feeling it might be too dark for my skin. I then went to the Space NK website to order myself one of the pumps, luckily Space NK was also doing a great deal of free delivery!

I have been using Sheer Glow for almost a month and it is by far the best foundation I have ever used, I can't believe I've waited this long to buy it...if only I had known!!

The consistency of the foundation is light, doesn't cake your skin so is buildable and once applied with my Real Techniques brushes it looks so flawless. I'm so glad I went for Mont Blanc as it's a great shade for me, it's probably the best colour foundation I've used and that's when I've been colour matched at the counters for previous foundations. I only tend to use my high end foundations on the weekends/holidays/nights out as I hate wasting it but I've just run out of my drug store brand and I think I'm going to start wearing Sheer Glow everyday even to work!! I don't even care if I run out quickly and have to pay full price, it's that amazing!! This year I have tried Chanel Aqua Lumiere and Laura Mercier but nothing compares to the Nars Sheer Glow. I'm now really tempted to treat myself to the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer in the new year. I will be interested to see how it looks come the summer and if the colour looks as good, but currently I couldn't fault this foundation!

Have you tried any of the nars products and in particular the Sheer Glow?! Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,
                    Tori. x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Summer Holiday...Budapest

Hello My Lovelies,

In the summer I went on a little trip with my sister to Budapest and Vienna (I'll write about Vienna next time!), I thought like I have in the past that I would tell you the highs and lows of each place- you never know this might just inspire you to book a trip away.


Highs: A beautiful city with wonderful gothic architecture (think Quasimodo!) we took a boat ride down the Danube so that we could get a view of all of the beautiful buildings including the Hungarian Parliament.

We also got to see a very poignant memorial to all those that died during the Holocaust, these were the shoes of the Jews that were shot dead by the Danube.

We then checked out St.Stephens Basillica which was super pretty and peaceful and a highlight of the trip!

After all of the walking in the major heat (more on that to come) we decided to visit one of the legendary spas called Széchenyi- there are 15 baths here; three of which are outside and vary in heat, the first one I went into was 32 degrees and you were advised to only spend 20 minutes at a time in it. The pools according to the Széchenyi website says the following... "The hot spring contains a significant amount of fluoride and metabolic acid, along with calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate effective to cure degenerative illnesses of joints, as well as chronic and semi-acute arthritis. It is also fit for orthopaedic and post-injury treatments."
It was fab just to relax and unwind after all the walking and possible heat stroke we had endured during our stay in Budapest.

Lows: The first major low was the heat, it was over 105 degrees when we visited in early August and unfortunately for most of the time was unbearable- you couldn't have your hair down or make up on as it slipped straight off! You had to constantly stop to drink and the tour buses didn't have air con!!! I think when you visit certain European countries you have to really pick your travelling month correctly as I know the winter months in Budapest are brutally cold and I couldn't visit then either.

Cars on the road: The drivers in Budapest are crazy!! If they see you're not using the crossing they will drive straight towards you with their foot on the gas-so scary, I hated it!

Language barrier: Not many people spoke English, not a big deal but one to consider.

Be prepared to do lots of walking, which in hot or cold weather isn't much fun.

Have you visited Budapest before? Do you want to know more about Budapest? If you said yes to either of these questions then leave me a comment and I'll reply ASAP.

Till next time,

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sigma Brushes!

Hello my Lovelies,

On Black Friday I decided to make my first ever order to Sigma (in the USA) and take advantage of their free international delivery. I decided to buy the F10 Powder/Blush Brush which is copper in colour and a E60 Large shader brush which is also copper in colour. I also recieved a free E25 Blending brush which will come in handy for travelling. The order arrived one week after I initially ordered which I thought was really fast seeing as it's such a busy time of year. I've only used them once so far so can't give a full review, however from my first time trying them they are fantastic. I now wish that I had spent a few more pounds and bought the beauty bloggers favourite F80! 

Have you bought any brushes from Sigma? What do you think of the quality?

Till next time,

What's in my bag December 2013

Hello My Lovelies,

Today I decided I'd write a post that I've never done before and that's a What's in my bag post! I love reading and watching YouTube video's that have this title and I think they are pretty popular so here's mine.

My bag of choice at the moment is a Michael Kors black soft leather and chain bag and I love it- I wrote about it my favourites last month and I will continue to use it till the good weather of spring returns and I can get out my Mulberry bag.

My purse is a Mulberry purse that I bought in the sale a few years ago, it's such a great purse as it holds all of my essentials but I can't overfill it! I also have my keys which have my house key and car key on it and the keyring is a black Mulberry heart that my sister bought me this year for my 30th birthday!!!

Next up I have my iPhone 5S in gold which is my favourite thing everrrr....and I thought I would never ever leave behind my trusted Blackberry-how wrong was I!! I also have my iPhone head phones for when I take the train to visit my sister.

I have at the bottom of my bag two lipsticks, 1 is a YSL Rouge Volpte and a Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in "MY" shade As You Want Victoria. Continuing with the beauty theme I have my most beloved product my Vaseline, I have these every where one in my bag, one beside my bed, one in the front room, one in my work bag, one in the car and so on- I can not live without it and I feel panicky if I for some reason forget it!! I finally have some tissues and paracetamol; Since I was very young I have suffered with migraines, luckily as I have got older they have got a lot less frequent and don't interrupt my life as much but I do feel the need to have some on me just in case.

Have you written a blog post about what's in your bag, if so leave me a link so I can have a nose!!

Till next time,

Friday, 6 December 2013

Secret Santa Revealed!

Hello My Lovelies!

Well over a month ago I joined Jess from ( and her friends bloggers Secret Santa. I was given the lovely Louise who blogs over at I scoured her blog to see the types of products and things she loves, and then on November 30th I sent them all wrapped and on there way to Lancashire....I'll let Louise tell you all about what I bought her on her blog!
This week my Secret Santa present arrived and it's absolutely gorgeous

One of my likes in my original email to Jess was that I loved Yankee Candles and my Secret Santa did not disappoint! I received 12 Happy Christmas tea lights that smell devine and the cutest mouse candle holder.


My Secret Santa revealed herself in a wonderful card as Lauren Munday at I immediately tweeted her that I had received the present and that I would now be an avid reader of her blog!
I'm so glad that I took part in this Secret Santa, I loved reading my recipients blog for present ideas, going out buy them, wrapping them and then sending them off. Equally I loved waiting to receive mine and who it was going to be from. I think the idea was a great way to celebrate Christmas and to make new blogger friends!

So thanks to Jess and her friend for putting it altogether and I'll definitely take part again next year!!!

Did any of you take part in a Secret Santa through bloggers or maybe one at work/school/college. I'd love to know what you gave and received!

Till next time,

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Things I'm loving this month...November!

Hello My Lovelies,

So I thought I'd share with you the things I'm loving this month!

I absolutely adore my Michael Kors Jet Set bag. The bag is made of the softest, scrumiest (yes I know not a word, but you know what I mean!) black leather, it has gorgeous gold chain handles and is just the right size. I'm so glad I bought it when I saw it in TK Max earlier this year as it is now my only winter bag and I've not seen it being sold any where since.

Next up is The Body Shop almond hand and nail cream. I got this for free a couple of months ago and I've kept it for the harsher winter months that we now seem to be entering and it is a total god send. I love the smell and the texture on my hands as it's not greasy and sinks in really fast.

Next.... My heated blanket! My mum bought me one as I complain about being cold allllll the time. Heated blankets are addictive though as I find I never want to get out of bed now!

Yankee Candle in Fireside Treats... I've never really been into candles but recently I was on Clinton Cards and they had 25% off of this candle. Once I had taken a sniff of this candle I knew I had to have it, I'm currently on to my second one I love it that much!

Next up my Primark tartan scarf- I was bought this as an early Christmas gift, if I hadn't been given it I definitely would of bought it. I'm loving the tartan trend, I currently have three different coloured tartan skirts for work and my scarf is now a firm favourite. It looks way more expensive then a Primark buy and it's super warm and cosy! If you haven't got one yet what are you waiting for?

And finally my iPhone 5s in gold!!! This is my first ever iPhone after being with Blackberry for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to make the switch as I am now totally addicted, it never leaves my side. When I saw the gold iPhone was going to be released I knew that I had to have it, so I have now officially joined the modern world, whoop!

What are your favourite things this month I'd love to know!

Till next time,
                    Tori. x

Monday, 25 November 2013

4th Wish List of 2013!

Hello My Lovelies,

I  thought I would share with you some items I can't seem to get out of my head and if I had plenty of cash these would be the things I'd be picking up from the shops ASAP!

First up....

Nars Sheer Glow.
I've been wanting this foundation for ages now, I  think I may of had it on a previous wish list and I still haven't bought it. I think the fact it's so expensive and there is no shop near me that sells it/colour match me has meant that it's still on the wish list!


Kurt Geiger Ace Tote bag in black or grey. 

I only recently came across this bag and I love it, however when I went looking for it on the Kurt Geiger website I found it had gone into their sale and was out of stock. I can't find any where else selling it which means I probably won't be able to buy it 😩

My next coveted item is a purple winter pom pom hat from Top Shop!

I bought one of these last year in the green- I don't think this will stay on my wish list for much longer!

I saw this on a YouTube video in a Christmas gift guide and is some thing I would love to use for work, not sure I can justify the price though at £14.95.....

Finally I've had my eye on Sigma make up brushes for a while now and I've heard that on Black Friday ( the day after Thanksgiving) they do free international postage, so I'm very tempted to take advantage of deal and order some!

What have you got your eye on, is it some thing you've asked Santa for?

Till next time,
                    Tori. x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn Tag

Hello My Lovelies,

I recently saw on Jess from htttp:// blog an Autumn tag and decided that I would partake, what better time as a hurricane is about to hit the U.K and autumn is full swing!

Favourite thing about Autumn?
The weather changing from hot to a nice comfortable warm-putting away the sandals and starting to wear jackets.

Favourite drink?
100% tea! 

Favourite scent/candle?
Yankee Candle Fireside Treats-I only recently bought this candle and it's so delicious I've almost already used it, whoops!

Best lipstick?
My YSL in number 10 (I think)- it's a bright pink.

Go-to moisturiser?
Liz Earle all day everyday.

Go-to colour for the eyes?
I don't wear eyeshadow....

Favourite music to listen to?
Hmmm I don't think I have a particular type of music I listen to in the autumn but at the moment I am loving Miley Cyrus's album I particular SMS which features Britney Spears.

Favourite outfit to wear?
Jeggings and jumpers!

Autumn treat?
Possibly some ankle boots and Nars sheer glow foundation.

Favourite place to be?
At home by the fire, or if I was super rich a beach, lol! 

I tag: 
Anybody that fancies sharing their autumn loves. 

Till next time,

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Secret Santa Excitement!


Hello my Lovelies it's been a while!

So last weekend I was involved in the beauty bloggers chat on twitter when I was drawn to look at another bloggers blog (Jess from when I got there I saw that she (and her friend) were going to be holding a secret Santa this Christmas. I had already seen a few bloggers setting up secret santa's but they didn't appeal-I think this one did because you could add beauty products if you wanted but also a mixture of other things, there was also different budgets ranging from £5 to £20 and the girls are going to match bloggers with their price range that they picked and have also asked that each secret Santa when showing their original interest to add 3 things they like and 3 things they dislike so (I guess you can be paired with someone with similar interests/likes/dislikes?!)
I can see why this secret Santa has been so popular, they had to close the list early as they hit over 50 bloggers that wanted to partake! I'm really excited to see who the girls pair me up with....where in the U.K are they? What do they love and hate? and I obviously can't wait to put together a super cute Christmas parcel to send to my chosen recipient (Shhh! I've actually got a few things already!)

Make sure you come back soon to find out what I received from my secret Santa! Are you involved in a blogger secret Santa this year?

Until next time,

Body Shop Bargains!

Hello My Lovelies,

It's been a while....but today I needed to show you what great bargains I got from The Body Shop. For a start I always wait till they do a 40% off everything and free delivery if you spend £5- Body Shop are always doing such great deals but to me this is the best and how can could I resist?
So I've wanted the coconut body mist for ages and at £7.50 before discount it was never going to break the bank. I then added the honeymania body wash which is from the Body Shop's new range and that was £4.00 for 250ml.....after all of the discounts it came to a grand total of £6.90 a total steal, Body Shop were basically giving it away!!
Not only that but when I was online I came across a voucher for a free hand cream, so I popped into my local shop and got the almond hand and nail cream, it's lovely and freeeee!!

Have you bought anything from The Body Shop recently, let me know!!

Till next time,

Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's a haul!

Hello My Lovelies,

It was pay day on Friday and I was ready to go and treat myself to a few bits that I've had my eye on!

First up.... La Roche Posay Effclar Duo- this is a repurchase, I've bought and used three of these and I love it, I wish I had known of this product sooner! £13 from Boots.

Aussie miracle moist shampoo and conditioner and the beach mate intensive conditioner- I've recently got back into using this brand as the summer sun, chlorine and sea water has wrecked my hair. I'm going to have a hair cut tomorrow and using these products will fingers crossed help my hair out! I bought all three from Boots for £10

Liz Earle limited edition cleanse and polish- as soon as I received an email from Liz Earle telling me that this would be on sale at the end of August I knew it would be mine- I've only used it once so far but it is divine. It cost £19.75 for 150ml and you also get 2 of the muslin cloths too!
I also purchased a 15ml brightening mask, I've not tried this before and decided to give it a go before I buy a full size.....£5.50. Finally I bought some of the deep cleansing mask sponges to use with my favourite face mask of all time the Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel. 
I went into Boots the other day to buy some more of the Natural Collection face masks and they were not only out of stock but there was no ticket for them on the shelf...I have an awful feeling they have been discontinued!! What face mask would you suggest I use instead?

So that's my shopping for the month, roll on the next pay day!!!

Till next time,

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beauty UK CC Cream Review

Hello My Lovelies,

I've been on the look out for a CC Cream for a while and when I was in Superdrug a few days ago this one ticked all the boxes.

Firstly it contains SPF 30, I love to wear an SPF all year and its a bonus that its a 30. Some other positives of this cream are.... You need very little of the product to cover your face, a 10 pence piece is enough. On the back of the tube it says "A lightweight, hydrating colour correcting cream" and this is exactly what it is- It doesn't cake, or clog your skin. I purchased the colour fawn which is the second colour of three and perfect for my skin in the summer months.

Once on the face it looks amazing my skin feels fresh, illuminated and glowing!

Now for the negatives! 
It's very runny so you have to be uber careful how much you squeeze out of the tube.
The coverage of spots and blemishes could be better.
Only 3 shades.
Only 25ml of product so not much for your £4.99

Would I buy it again? Maybe if the negatives in this review were corrected! For a drug store the CC cream by Beauty UK is a good starter product.

Have you tried this cream?

Till next time, 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Purple Hair Don't Care!

Hello My Lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair for the very first time! So I didn't go all the way and do my whole head, however I did dye the ends bright purple and I love it! I work in education and that means I'm currently on a six week holiday,whoop! I thought with all the time I would have to wash it out if it went wrong, that now was a great time to experiment. I decided to use the Schwarzkopf Live Colour or as the box says "color" in Purple Punk. Schwarzkopf have some other crazy colours I would love to try like the electric blue but this time I stuck with the purple.
I roped in my mum to give me a hand, and after watching some YouTube video's I found the best way to apply was to part my hair into sections, add the colour and then wrap it in foil. I left it on the ends of my hair for the suggested 20 minutes and then got my mum to wash my head over the bath. I have to say I am super happy with results and can't wait for the Christmas holidays and the chance to do it all over again!
Here's a picture of the finished hair do.....

Have you ever decided to go a bit mad and dye your hair a vibrant colour? Let me know in the comments section below.

Till next time,


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My favourite author of all time...Diane Chamberlain!

Hello My Lovelies,

This post is all about my favourite author of all time Diane Chamberlain, this is a big statement to make I know but trust me she's amazing! I first started reading Diane's books a few years ago- I'm not even sure how or where I found her books but the minute I started reading I was hooked. 

Diane has been writing books for many years, with her first booked being sold in she knows what she's doing when it comes to writing. 
The first book (I think) I read by Diane was The Bay At Midnight. I won't give too much away as I hope that you will go and buy it after reading my blog post, but the story consists of the character Julie Bauer and her family who holiday on the Jersey Shore and the effect of her sisters murder has on her- a lovely deep book that will have you wanting more.
Diane Chamberlain writes stories that keep you guessing from one page to the next, her characters are believable and likeable. On the back of the books I have purchased it says "Fans of Jodi Picoult, this is a must read" I would agree that both authors may write about similar topics but I personally find Diane's work a more personable read. I am so obsessed with Diane's work I have in the past ordered books that were only printed in the U.S so that I could read them, and in some cases months before they get released in the U.K. I have now read all of Diane's book, except for Necessary Lies that I am over half way through and I can definitely tell you hasn't disappointed. 
Diane's book are easy to get from Amazon and usually on offer too which is a bonus! You can easily download them onto your Kindle too which is some thing I am now tending to do.
You can check out Diane's website here and also the link to Amazon for the book I discussed above

Are there any authors that you love and can't wait for their next book to be released? Leave me a comment as I always love to find new authors...
Till next time,

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

3rd Wish List of 2013!

Hello My Lovelies,

I got thinking earlier about Christmas....Yes I know it's still 4 months away but I firstly I love Christmas and the build up to it, but I also like to buy presents from around about now (August) for friends and family and getting my wish list together (you never know my mum might be reading and will get some ideas!) 
These are things I keep looking at and dreaming about!

First up a Long Champ Le Pliage Bag in brown or red or purple....

Next up a Tom Tom Sat Nav.

Next thing I would love is... a Cath Kidston kindle case.

Have you thought about Christmas yet? What are on your wish lists?

Till next time,


Kate Spade NY!

Hello My Lovelies!

I went to Bicester Village the other day (Prada was lush and now on my wish list!), I wasn't looking for anything- though I did think if I saw an ipad case and it wasn't outrageously priced then I would treat myself! I had a look in Ted Baker at the bow style cases but they were £25 and to be honest I wasn't all that impressed. I then went to Kate Spade and they had an amazing selection of folio style cases. It was so hard to choose from the stock that they had,I could of easily of bought a few but I decided to go with this one.....
It's so pretty, as you can see it's got blackbirds all over it and inside it's bright orange!
I paid £20 for this one which think is a decent price as I have looked at non 'brand' ones for roughly the same price.

I hope it will keep my beloved ipad safe for many years to come!
Have you got anything from Kate Spade or been to Bicester Village? I would love to hear what you bought!
Till next time,

Monday, 29 July 2013

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection Dupe!

Hello My Lovelies,

I've wanted the OPI Minnie Mouse collection for a long time, but found it really hard to get my hands on and it wasn't cheap when I did find it. A few weeks ago I was in Primark and came across an amazing dupe! It includes 3 pink colours and the polish that I wanted most, the pink glitter and hearts! The best bit of all is the price £2!! Yes £2!! 
If you wanted this set too then I urge you to get down to Primark as I highly doubt that these will be around for long.

Have you found any good dupes recently?

Till next time,

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What's in my travel make up bag??

Hello My Lovelies,

Today I want to show you what's in my travel make up bag! I'm going away a few times this summer- a couple of times in the U.K and then off to Europe in August so I thought now would be a great opportunity for me to show you what I pack.

I use a clear superdrug make up bag as its just right for going through security at airports- it was a total bargain as I got this one, a smaller one and a larger one which is perfect for all my smellies for only £5.99

I've picked some of my favourite products for my up coming trips they are:
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua- a lovely light foundation.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Peach Glow- I couldn't live without this.
Nars Laguna- a new product I've just started using but loving it so far.
Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW15.
Collection concealer in fair.
Sleek blush in Pixie Pink.
Seventeens doll'd up mascara- my favourite mascara.
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel.
YSL Rouge Volupte in number 10- I love this lipstick.

The only other item I forgot to add to my photo was Vaseline- this is probably my all time favourite product and I forgot to add it!

Are any of you going on holiday this summer? What products will you be taking with you? Would you like to see what items I take in my smellies bag?

Till next time,

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Guten Tag Berlin

Hello My Lovelies or as the Germans say Guten Tag!

As promised this is my post all about my trip to Berlin! I went to Berlin in July 2010 with my sister, (my travel buddy!) she had been to Germany before but I had never been and didn't know what to expect.
We stayed in a Best Western central to the city and the underground which meant we could easily visit all of the main tourist sites.

The first place we visited was the Brandenburg Gate very early before any of the touristy people turn up i.e men dressed in World War II army outfits etc. which meant we got to really see it and take some wonderful pictures.

Brandenburg Gate.
Then just literally around the corner is the Reichstag (the Parliament building) which again is advisable to get to as early as possible as a queue does form. You don't get to see much of the building just straight to the roof which is a shame. After we had been to the Reichstag we went for breakfast as it was still really early and then walked around the city till we got to Checkpoint Charlie and then on to the Berlin Wall (the parts that still exist!) The Berlin Wall was actually fascinating and to think for so long the German people were separated by it until 1989 when it was pulled down.
Checkpoint Charlie & the Berlin Wall.
Next was lunch at the Berlin T.V Tower which is a viewing tower and a revolving restaurant at the top-I had never been to a restaurant like this before so that was a new experience and one I have since repeated by going to one in Brussels.
View from the T.V Tower, the shadow is the tower!
Once we had taken photographs of the views of Berlin, we headed out for ice-cream and then back to the hotel as we were shattered.
The second day we went to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. I knew this was going to be a really interesting day trip but also a very moving one. We had an amazing tour guide that we booked through viators (a brilliant website!) and he talked us through everything we saw and answered any questions we had. We spent the whole day at the camp and is some thing I will remember for ever.
So that is my trip to Berlin in a nut shell...if you want to know more than please ask!
Also would you like to read some more of my city experiences? I've been to Rome, Valencia, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Pisa, Florence, Dublin, New York, Phuket, Bangkok (where I was stranded for 10 days!!) If any of these take your fancy then leave me comment below!
Till next time,