Friday, 1 September 2017

New In: Soap & Glory Face Masks!

Hello My Lovelies

Stop Press! Soap & Glory have branched out and added one of my favourite skin care items to their range....FACE MASKS!

As you would expect from Soap & Glory is their trade mark old school images with bright colours and quality packaging. The brand has released five different masks from miracle moisture mask to declog mask that comes with a handy spatula to apply the mask and even an eye mask!

All of the sheet masks are full of product and cover your face- nobody likes a dry face mask do they. They were all really hydrating and left my skin feel extremely soft and clean.

The Miracle Moisture Mask made of a jelly like substance was super cooling, this mask is made for those with dry/dehydrated skin so perfect that I used it whilst on holiday when it was 90 degree heat and it was perfect for rehydrating my sun kissed face. 

The declog mask was perfect for cleansing my skin as I had recently had a little breakout. It's bright pink and I'm not going to lie gets every where but it does dry quickly and easy to remove as it peels, but at £4.00 it is a little steep.  

I've recently go into using eye masks-so the Puffy Eye Attack was a great new one to try. It was easy to use and relaxing and great if you're having a pamper evening. I'm not sure they make much difference to my under eye bags but with all skincare it's better to be doing something than nothing at all. At £3.50 I'd definitely give them another go!

The Radiance Boosting mask is also a sheet mask and easy to apply once you've got the slippery little thing in place. I left this on my skin for roughly 15 minutes and I did feel it gave my skin a slight glow and made it look fresh and less dull. This would be perfect to use before a night out- so that your skin looks fab as you dance the night away or even after a heavy night out.

Have you tried any of the #maskforcefive from Soap and Glory yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know on my twitter @steaders83

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New In: TIGI Bed Head Curly Hair Range!

Hello My Lovelies

As you are all aware I'm a mega fan of anything TIGI especially the Bed Head range so when I was kindly sent some of their curly hair products I couldn't wait to pop them in the shower (I even did it before taking blog photographs, shock horror!)
The two products I received were the Calma Sutra a cleansing conditioner for waves and curls. The no foam formula removes dirt and product build up without stripping the hair of all its goodness and helps to control frizz and keep the dreaded knots at bay. The really generous 375ml bottle with my favourite a pump dispenser makes my hair feel super soft after washing my hair and when I really want to give my hair a treat I'll leave it in whilst I shave my legs.

The second product is Foxy Curls a contour cream that combats frizz and encourages soft pretty curls. You apply this product to damp hair and then leave to dry naturally- if you follow just these two steps you'll be left with beach/surfer girl hair! My hair hasn't looked so naturally curly and non crispy when using a hair product for a really long time, I was actually pretty shocked and how well it took to my hair. I tried using the contour cream when blow drying my hair but for me it didn't have the same effect.

Once I've used up both items I'm going to be straight online to purchase more and I've already decanted some of the Calma Sutra to take away on holiday as you read this post!

Have you tried any of the Tigi Bed head curly hair products before? Make sure you share your thought with me on Instagram @wonderfulworldblog.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Product of the month-August 2017!

Hello My Lovelies

Welcome back to another product of the month-this time it's all about a lipstick I purchased with the last of my Icelandic currency when coming through duty free back in February!

When popping through the shops at the airport I knew I wanted to use up all my currency as it was pointless trying to change it back to English pounds as the exchange rate is always so shocking. I decided to have a look at some of the different brands and decided that I didn't have a lipstick in my collection from Lancôme so that would be make a great choice. Little did I know that after spending all of my money that we would be stranded in Iceland for an extra day due to the weather and that the cash would of come in handy!

Never less it is now part of my ever growing collection and one that has become a firm favourite. When I first applied L'absolu rouge (cream formulation) in the shade Rose Nu I was a bit disappointed it was more like a lip balm with a slight colour and had a horrid after taste. I kept applying it over the coming days building up the colour, it now doesn't need much to create a lovely berry colour.

The packaging is pretty neat-clicking the bottom and the lid coming off to reveal the lipstick. priced at £25.50 they aren't cheap but make a great treat come pay day or maybe dare I say it a fab gift for a loved one this Christmas!

Have you tried any of the Lancôme lipsticks? Let me know in the comments or on my twitter @steaders83