Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A quick trip to Croatia!

Hello All

Last month I took a quick trip to Split in Croatia- I had booked it last November so I couldn't wait to jump on the plane for sun, catamaran trips and exploring. Read on to see what I got up to and see all of my favourite pictures from the trip.

The first day we explored Split walking up and down the cobbled lanes down to the port for lunch- it was hot but there was plenty of shade in each of the little roads we went down and plenty of shops to check out.

We then went to Diocletian's Palace, Roman ruins built in the 4th century- here you can walk around soaking up the atmosphere but you can also see Croatian's living their daily lives with washing overhead and children out playing. 

Apparently if you rub the toe of the Gregory statue and say a wish it will come true. Both my boyfriend and I decided to give it a go so I'll let you know if it comes true!

The second day in Split was spent checking out the beaches- now when i say beaches you expect an actual beach you go and lay on with sand etc etc but unfortunately Split doesn't have this but instead swimming pool ladders that you use to enter the water and you sit on the sea wall to chill.

The third and final day was spent on a catamaran exploring the island near to Split called Hvar. We also had stop off points for swimming in the warm sea and all you can eat and drink all day. It wasn't cheap but it was definitely worth paying because of the experience and all that we saw. 

Hvar was really quaint but you could tell there was plenty of rich people that live and visit. If I had had more time i would of liked to stay longer to explore more but before long it was back to the boat for more swimming and relaxing.

A highlight for me was to climb the many steps to get this view looking over the famous red roofs! 

Have you been to Croatia? What were your highlights- let me know in the comments or on Instagram @wonderfulworldblog.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

New In: Anatomical Face Masks!

Hello All

My love for face masks is major- I love to try all sorts of types (though mud masks are my ultimate favourite) and I'm always trying to find new ones to rival Superdrug's as they are pretty darn good. So when Anatomicals sent me over there range I couldn't want to slap them on my face. 

Let's start my chatting about the packaging because oh my I love the colours and the titles for each- they are such fun names that you're you're not going to forget 'the hottie tottie is never spotty' or 'get outta my face dirt ball' 

I decided to try out the hottie tottie is never sporty a race mask for combating horrid breakouts- the formula revives skin and left me with a clear and bright face and didn't irritate my skin like some (let's not talk about the snail slime face mask). My boyfriend also commented on how lovely my skin smelt!

All of the face masks are so easy to apply I have found that one sachet can last more than one go or I've started to share them with my boyfriend as he was so impressed

You can pick these up in lots of different places I've seen them online at Boots, Superdrug, Fragrance Direct and ASOS to name just a few and are a bargain st only £1.00 (depending on where you pick yours up from!

Have you tried any of the Anatomicals face masks or products? What are your thoughts?! Let me know in the moments or over on Instagram.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Empties 24!

Hello My Lovelies

It's been a little while since I posted and that's because I've been and bought a property- epic! However it needs total renovation which I've been doing with my boyfriend for the past month. We've also been on holiday to Croatia!! There will be blog posts about both of these very soon I promise!

Today's post is an empties with lots of things I wish I could repurchase and some that I already have. Read on to see what I think of each!
First up is COLAB as you all know I love this brand and candy is my favourite scent. I use this most days to give my hair a quick burst of sweetness and to combat a little bit of the shine.

Next up is the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer- after hearing lots and lots about this product I had to try it for myself. Priced at £4 it was a good drugstore product but it didn't last that long and before long I was searching my store for another.

From my last trip to America I picked up my favourite Sephora face wipes amazing quality and they don't cost a fortune- shame I can't get them in the U.K. I will be going to a Paris later in the year so I'm hoping to pick some more up then. I also headed to Bath and Body Works and got some more of the foaming hand washes. The pumpkin cupcake scent was very spicy and one I used throughout October before switching to my Christmas hand washes and then coming back to this one. I don't think I would repurchase this one even if I could but I do love Bath and Body Works!

Finally my friend got me the Korean under eye mask which was fab- it made my under eyes less saggy and brighter which is great as I have horrid dark circles under my eyes. If I knew where this came from I would 100% repurchase.

What have you been using recently? As always share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Till next time,