Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Decoration Haul!

Hello My Lovelies

For the first time in a long time I have my own Christmas tree to decorate so as I've seen decorations in my local shops I've grabbed some ready to pop on. As I write this post the decorations are being added to the tree, a little early I know but I wanted to check the brand new tree I had bought wasn't broken! (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) Read on to see where all of my recent purchases have come from.

This year the theme is red and gold!! My favourite decoration that I've bought this year is the Merry Christmas 2017 one from Marks and Spencer. I've wanted a dated one for the last few years but not found any but this one is simple yet still really pretty.

I also bought these candy cane inspired decorations from Primark they came in a box of 12 and look really festive sporadically placed all over my tree. Another filler are the sparkly gold and I also have some red ones for the tree. These decorations were an absolute bargain and came from Asda- yes you have to thread all of them but for a few pounds they make a nice addition.
I picked up this Merry and Bright heart from The Range for £1.70, yes £1.70!! It's really well made for a cheaper decoration and one I know that I will always add to the tree. My tree topper is a super sparkly gold star (sticking with the theme)- I actually can't stand glitter that comes off on your hands so I've had to ask my boyfriend to pop this on the top. We picked this one because it's nice and light for our little tree and again was affordable from Asda. 

The final two decorations are cute little ones that I love spotting on the tree. My sausage dog was a gift from my boyfriend- he knows I love them and when we spotted it in Accessorize he had to secretly buy it for me. The other decoration is a bell shaped and also a bell inside from The Range. I decided to pop this one in my basket because as a child we always used to have a bell on our tree and I wanted to carry on that tradition.

What decorations and theme have you decided on for this Christmas? I would love to see your photos from the festive season so make sure you share your insta handles below!

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Long Weekend in Munich and Salzburg!

Hello My Lovelies
Last month I went on a long weekend to Munich and Salzburg- having never been to either city I was really excited to explore some where new and also start to feel a bit festive!

First place to visit on day one was to Marienplatz the main square in Munich since 1158. The Christmas market stalls were starting to set up and the tree looked great next to the Town Hall.

An amazing church called St Michael's was perfect to escape from the cold and sit and listen to an orchestra practice for some upcoming sold out shows.

Also in Marienplatz was the Rathaus-Glockenspiel which dates from 1908. Every day at 11am and 5pm it chimes and re-enacts stories from the 16th century. We stood with a small crowd looking up to the building and watched the cute scene take place.

The other half really wanted to visit the BMW museum and I thought it sounded pretty cool too- we spent the afternoon walking around the large exhibit that showed the company from the beginning of it's history right up to today's designs and ideas. It was reasonably priced at only £10 each to enter and for any car enthusiast a must see.

Sunday we hopped on the train from Munich to Salzburg- a 90 minute, 15 euro train ride means you can visit another country whilst away (which is one of my favourite things to do!)
The first place we checked out was a fully open Christmas market, whilst I didn't buy anything it was lovely to visit one and get in the spirit. We walked around with hot chocolates and then decided to carry on walking up to the old town.

Along the way to the Old Town we passed a love heart lock bridge which we would of added one to if we had been organised enough to have brought one along with us! It was so nice to see the bridge with the back drop of the town beyond.
Then it was to the old square to see the Sphaera a nine metre tall art installation- again the back drop was pretty nice, the Salzburg Cathedral. Here in Salzburg we even witnessed a bit of snow which was pretty perfect!

Finally we took the opportunity to go up the funicular to the top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It was a little steep in price at 12 Euro's each- you were forced to spend the full amount on the trip as they wanted you go into the museum at the top. Having been on funicular's in other countries it was never this expensive and for such a short trip too.
The views from the top were pretty epic, but it wasn't long before we decided to leave and grab some lunch before heading for the train back to Munich.

The trip to Munich and Salzburg was so much fun- it was such a cheap trip and we got to experience more European cities. I'm now planning next year's trips! Have you been to either before? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, on Instagram at @wonderfulworldblog or twitter @steaders83 

Till next time,

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Soap & Glory Winter Wonder Glam!

Hello My Lovelies

The most epic Christmas gift set from Soap & Glory worth £56.50 is now available for half price in Boots and the big box of everything you would ever want from their make-up range is £25!!!

Full of the goodies you need this festive season (heck all year round) from the amazing Thick & Fast mascara to the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss this set will have you creating all kinds of amazing makeup looks for Christmas parties!
I can't actually quite believe how many full size products you get, it is utter value for money! One of my favourite products and I'm really pleased to see included is the Archery brow tint and pencil brow- for a drugstore eyebrow pencil its pretty darn epic and lasts all day.Another product that couldn't not talk about is the Love at First Blush- a shimmery plum/pink toned a multi shading blush that gives the cheeks a gorgeous rosy glow. The eye shadows have been picked perfectly to compliment the blush and will create the perfect office to party look this Christmas.

Once again Soap & Glory have out done themselves with this perfect set that any girl or boy would be super excited to receive under the tree come the 25th December.
Have you treated yourself to this set from Soap & Glory? Make sure you let me know in the comments!

Till next time,

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