Wednesday, 27 February 2013

25 Things About Me!

Hello My Lovelies,

I've recently seen loads of these 25 things about me posts and I thought I'd give it a whirl too!

1. My First memory was my Dad coming home from the hospital to tell me I had a new baby sister, I was nearly 3.

2. I'm really proud of my degree in Media, Cultural and American Studies-but I've not used it since I graduated in 2005.

3. I'm always planning my next holiday/trip.

4. I have seen all episodes of Big Brother including all the spin off's.

5. I have suffered migraines all my life, though they are less frequent now.

6. Coldplay are my favourite band, I've been in the front row twice in the past.

7. I used to swim competitively.

8. I'm a shy person till you get to know me.

9. I have LOTS of pj bottoms, too many!

10. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

11. I cry at everything: even something silly on the T.V

12. My ultimate job would be as a celebrity manager.

13. I was almost called Veronica or Verinique.

14. I love Coca-Cola but have cut back to just drinking it on a saturday.

15. My new weakness is buying/trying new makeup.

16. My  best friends are my sister and mum.

17. I have a passion for travelling and have visited roughly 20 countries,with more to come this year.

18. I love potatoes in every variety: baked, fried, boiled.....

19. I would love to have 3or 4 children.

20. I just can't seem to get a 'C' in GCSE maths never mind how much I try (I will one day though!)

21. I could never live alone as I would get too lonely.

22. I always seem to be cold even in the summer.

23. I have a hot water bottle every night without fail.

24. My favourite city in the world is New York

25. I would love to drive a car around the Top Gear track, having been trained by 'The Stig'.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little bit about me, I would love to read yours!

Till next time,


  1. I identify with several of these! Especially number 22, I just can't get warm! I want to do one of these posts but I'm finding it so hard to think of any facts x

  2. Thanks Lemonade Budget for leaving a comment-it did take a few days for me to think of 25 but I got their eventually. Make sure you subscribe to my blog.


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