Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm in LOVE!

Hello My lovelies,

I'm in LOVE-let me explain.....

So a few weeks ago when I was on my little birthday trip to Belfast I saw that HMV were selling all Apple products with 20% off because most HMV stores are closing in the U.K. In the Belfast store they only had an Ipad 2 which was the display one-even with 20% off I thought that they should offer a bit more discount as it had been used so much. HMV Belfast couldn't offer me any extra discount so I decided to leave it and move on, even if I was a little disappointed.

Once I got back from Belfast I rang around all my local stores and they had all sold out-I couldn't believe I had missed out on such a bargain. But.... then when I went to visit my sister in Reading I popped into HMV on the off chance that they might have some Ipad's in stock. Low and behold they had 1 Ipad 2 left, yes it was ex display but they were offering 20% off plus another 20% for the ex display model-thats 40% off a black ipad 2!!!!!!! Well I knew straight away that Ipad was mine and I've not looked back. I can not believe its taken me this long to own an Apple product, I love my Ipad-I use it every day without fail and love looking for new,interesting and exciting apps.

Are there any apps that you could recommend to me??!!

Till next time,

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