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Belfast- The Highs & Lows.

Hello My Lovelies,
I went to Belfast about 2 months ago (time flies!) and I when I got back I was meaning to do a Highs & Lows review of Belfast but work and life got in the way and I've only really just had time to do it now. I'm hoping to do some more of these in the future for other places I've been too.

Highs of Belfast:

My first high was the chance to go to the Giants Causeway and surrounding areas. I've always wanted to go to Causeway so this was a lovely place to visit even though it was a little crowded-I think I would want to go early in the morning or as the sun is setting next time. You can either walk down the hill to the stones or take a bus for a small fee, I chose to walk down but take the bus back up! You can walk across the stones as far as you like and there are members of staff that watch out for you whilst your down at the Causeway.

My second high is the Belfast Titanic Museum.

The museum ultra modern and is a great place for all ages. Basically you go to the top of the museum which is made to look like the Titanic and you work your way down, as you work your way down you find out about how the Titanic was built, by whom, you get to see those who sailed on her, different style accommodations that were available- this is just to name but a few of the things you learn. There is also an excellent ride that you can go on which shows you how the Titanic was built. After we had spent a good few hours here we went outside to see where the Titanic was first launched and that was a really great experience! 

Where Titanic was first launched.

Third high make sure you go for a meal in the restaurant 'Made in Belfast' such a unique place- drink from jam jars, food that comes on shabby chic plates and cocktails for £3!

Belfast Lows:

The city it's self isn't really my cup of tea, I thought I was going to love it but I much prefer a UK city like Cardiff or Oxford..... It was also super cold so that put a dampener on things. Also as I do in most cities that I visit I went on the hop on hop off tour and it wasn't nearly as great as some I've been on. On previous tours they encourage you to get off and explore and then there's always the opportunity to jump back on a bus as they are so frequent, well the companies running in Belfast don't tend to have many if any busses lined up behind ready for you to hop back on to. So you have to sit on the bus for 2 hours listening to a guide go on and on and on and take pictures as you whizz by (not my idea of fun!!) Below are some of the pictures I took from the bus.

Stormont (Parliament Buildings)

One of the murals

Would I return to Belfast? I might return in the summer to experience it in a different season but I don't think it will be a place I return to in the near future mainly as I have so many other cities/countries I want to visit!

I hope you've all like my little round up of Belfast, have any of you been and what did you think? Leave me a comment below....

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