Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Summer Holiday...Budapest

Hello My Lovelies,

In the summer I went on a little trip with my sister to Budapest and Vienna (I'll write about Vienna next time!), I thought like I have in the past that I would tell you the highs and lows of each place- you never know this might just inspire you to book a trip away.


Highs: A beautiful city with wonderful gothic architecture (think Quasimodo!) we took a boat ride down the Danube so that we could get a view of all of the beautiful buildings including the Hungarian Parliament.

We also got to see a very poignant memorial to all those that died during the Holocaust, these were the shoes of the Jews that were shot dead by the Danube.

We then checked out St.Stephens Basillica which was super pretty and peaceful and a highlight of the trip!

After all of the walking in the major heat (more on that to come) we decided to visit one of the legendary spas called Széchenyi- there are 15 baths here; three of which are outside and vary in heat, the first one I went into was 32 degrees and you were advised to only spend 20 minutes at a time in it. The pools according to the Széchenyi website says the following... "The hot spring contains a significant amount of fluoride and metabolic acid, along with calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate effective to cure degenerative illnesses of joints, as well as chronic and semi-acute arthritis. It is also fit for orthopaedic and post-injury treatments."
It was fab just to relax and unwind after all the walking and possible heat stroke we had endured during our stay in Budapest.

Lows: The first major low was the heat, it was over 105 degrees when we visited in early August and unfortunately for most of the time was unbearable- you couldn't have your hair down or make up on as it slipped straight off! You had to constantly stop to drink and the tour buses didn't have air con!!! I think when you visit certain European countries you have to really pick your travelling month correctly as I know the winter months in Budapest are brutally cold and I couldn't visit then either.

Cars on the road: The drivers in Budapest are crazy!! If they see you're not using the crossing they will drive straight towards you with their foot on the gas-so scary, I hated it!

Language barrier: Not many people spoke English, not a big deal but one to consider.

Be prepared to do lots of walking, which in hot or cold weather isn't much fun.

Have you visited Budapest before? Do you want to know more about Budapest? If you said yes to either of these questions then leave me a comment and I'll reply ASAP.

Till next time,


  1. Beautiful! Its on my list to go to soon, I'm thinking about doing to tour of Europe!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  2. I'd love to go to Budapest, my cousin went recently and loved it. x


  3. My in laws live in Budapest as my partner is Hungarian. We go there regularly, it is a beautiful city, if you ever go to Hungary again, there is a beautiful city in the south called Szeged which is the second largest city after Budapest. It is just as nice and so much to do! The best time to go is in March/April as it is perfect weather. Your right the winter months are bitterly cold, I went for my sister in laws wedding and it snowed like crazy and at night it is -20... But it is equally beautiful and unlike the UK nothing stops in this kind of weather, which is lovely, even the old people are still pottering around.

    Georgie xx

    The Blonde Galaxy

    1. Also sounds like you had a lovely time apart from the heat and crazy drivers!!!


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