Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Alcoholic Architecture and a Christmas meet up!

Hello My Lovelies

This past weekend my old university friend and I had our annual Christmas meet up in London. Each year we go for lunch and a walk around the department stores and take in all of the festive atmosphere.

This year was no exception and we met at Selfridges so that I could pick up a new Christmas tree decoration (again another annual must!) I suggested we have lunch at the Chelsea Ivy Garden after I had such a wonderful visit in the Summer.
After a deliciously huge lunch and a bit of celebrity spotting in the form of Peter Stringfellow we make our away along to Bompas & Parr's Alcoholic Architecture which we had been planning for ages and couldn't wait to experience. 

Set in the shadow of London's oldest Gothic Cathedral we are met at the door of the former monastery by Brother Dan and given an introduction to what we are about to experience which sounds pretty epic.

Travelling down the stone steps to the bottom of the building we are thrown into dim lighting and the adventure truly begins. We find lockers and plastic macs to protect our clothes from the fine mist of alocohol and then it's time to enter the bar and a cocktail menu with the theme of spirits and beers created by Monks. 

We literally can't wait for the main event and make our way to the small room which houses the world's first alcoholic weather system for your tongue! 

A breathable cocktail of gin & tonic; the sweet smell and damp sticky mist envelops the room with a humidity of 140% it gets to the point that you can't see beyond your hand- people around me were swaying to the odd if not atmospheric music and giggling at the crazy situation they we had all found ourselves in. We breathe the Alcohol in through our lungs, skin and eyes (yes eyes!!)

Before long we are signalled to leave by the sound of claps of thunder and we quickly disrobe of our macs and make our way back up to street level.

Alcoholic Architecture is due to close in January so make sure you book tickets to visit as soon as you can, it would be a fab night out for a Christmas party. I love that London is so diverse and the opportunity to visit these kind of innovative places are out there.

After our visit to Alcoholic Archistecture the sun was starting to set so we made our way to Oxford Street and Carnaby Street to check out the Christmas lights!

Soon it was time to say goodbye and start our trips back home! Have you visited Alcoholic Architecture? Are you planning on visiting? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,

*I was kindly invited along to review Alcoholic Architecture

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