Monday, 28 December 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015!

A belated Merry Christmas My Lovelies!!

I hope you all had a lovely day where ever, whom ever and how ever you celebrated!
I had a lovely quiet Christmas at home with my family- we ate far too much good food; watched some t.v and played some fun games, this year was 10 clues!

I was absolutely spoilt by friends and family and wanted to share some of these gifts with you as I have done every year!! 

My Parents very kindly bought me a Mulberry coin purse which will go perfectly in my Chloe handbag that I bought earlier this year. I was also super shocked to find a gold bracelet under the tree- it's absolutely gorgeous and the one piece of jewellery that I won't be taking off.
My sister gifted me these awesome presents.....
A wonderful cosy dressing gown which was a total surprise. I've been living in it since I opened it on Christmas Day!
And new bed set along with this lovely wall hanging from Sass & Belle- both of which I'm going to keep till I have decorated my room in the New Year.
I was also treated to a new book, Moleskin notebook and Cath Kidston sunglasses case which I desperately needed for my Ray Bans.
I also received a couple of gift cards for Boots and M & S, I already know what I'm going to spend both on but I'll probably wait till the New Year to use them.
My dear friend Manx bought me this amazing Maybelline nude set which contains a nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick and brow gel- I've never seen these sets before so I'm really excited to try these products.
Another friend of mine bought me this oversized Aztec scarf from Accessorise I went for a beach walk on Boxing Day and couldn't resist wearing it.
I was also treated to a stocking filled with these super cutes bits and bobs which included a teddy bear nightie, 'V' candle holder, Vaseline, Impulse body spray and some hot chocolate. 

I'm so shocked at how many beautiful presents I received and also super grateful! What did you receive for Christmas I would love to know- leave me a comment below!

Till next time,



  1. Great stuff! :))

  2. AHHH that Mulberry purse is the dream! It's incredible :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm


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