Thursday, 21 July 2016

20 Random Facts about...ME!

Hello My Lovelies

Looking back through my blog I realised that the last time I did a 20 facts about me was when I had just started blogging three years ago, yes three! So here are some more random facts just so that you can all get to know me that little bit more.

1. I live on an island and have done for 20 years next month...

2. ..Before that I was born in London.

3. I work for a charity in the Fundraising department and get to work on fun events like the Isle of Wight Festival & Bestival.

4. I love designer bags and have started a little collection.

5. I've always been a book worm but just don't have enough time to read.

6. My guilty pleasure is family vloggers on YouTube.

7. I suffer with anxiety/stress which can be brought on by the most random things at the most random times.

8. I have a phobia of heights and the dark.

9. I have ketchup on everything I eat from toast to roast dinners!

10. I remember dial up Internet!!!

11. If I could live abroad in a hot country for six months of the year & the rest in the U.K I would.

12. Even though I hate heights I would love to go in a hot air balloon.

13. I love entering Twitter competitions.

14. I've been in the audience of Big Brother & got to be on Big Brothers Bit on The Side with Dermot O'Leary.

15. I'm a bit of a control freak.

16. My first memory was when my dad came home from the hospital when my mum was in labour to tell me I had a baby sister.

17. The one make up item I couldn't live without would be concealer.

18. I once ate a whole lunch meal thinking it said 'ready to eat' it actually said 'ready to heat.'

19. I would love to own a daschund in the future.

20. I love learning Tinie Tempah lyrics and then rapping them at every opportunity.

I would love to know a random fact about you, so make sure you share it in the comments!

Till next time,


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