Monday, 10 April 2017

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience

Hello My Lovelies

This past weekend was the birthday of an old friend of mine- she invited a group of all of her friends along for the day to go clay pigeon shooting and then have some lunch all at the local farm park. It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for standing in a field learning a new skill!

I have never held a gun not alone used a gun before so I was pretty nervous going up to the first stand. Our teacher was super patient and put the gun in the right place on the shoulder and telling you where to put your face so you can see down the barrel of the gun. He also told us where we needed to be aiming for before giving us a chance to do a practice shot without pulling the trigger and then it was time to take the safety catch off and shout "pull!"

The first time went by in a bit of a blur and I couldn't really remember if I had actually shot the target but after a couple of goes the adrenaline coursing through my body calmed down and I was able to concentrate on aiming. Our package consisted of 35 clays so on this first round we shot at 10 and I hit 2 with the clays coming towards us.
On the second round they were going away from us and again I hit just three....By end of the third round which was by the far hardest with the clay coming from behind two bales of hay I found that maybe as a left hander I should of tried shooting on my left and not on my right (though it does feel much more natural to put the gun on my right.)

So on the last five shots which consisted of the clay rolling across the floor (like a bunny) I tried my left shoulder and I had a much better success rate- I look forward to going back later this year to practise on my left and seeing if I can hit more targets. I definitely think that this is a sport that takes lots of practise (unless you're the birthday girl and only miss 7- a pure natural for sure!)
It was then time to have a wander around the park looking at all of the locally designed cows which were amazing. We then went into the restaurant for burgers and chips to discuss how well we thought we had done and if we would come back again.
I loved the experience even after waking up today with my shoulders/armpits in agony, I'm not going to lie it was a struggle to get dressed this morning but that wouldn't put me off going and giving it another try.
Have you ever tried clay pigeon shooting before or something similar? I would love to hear your thoughts so make sure you leave me a comment or check out more photos from my day out on my Instagram @wonderfulworldblog.

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