Friday, 9 June 2017

New In: Festival Essentials with Compeed!

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Festival season and summer sandal weather is almost upon us and we all know how much walking we can do during that time! So the amazing products from Compeed have arrived just in time for my visit to the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend!

I have never tried any products from Compeed before but after a weekend of walking around in new sandals I've already given the blister plasters a go. The plasters are clear which is great when you have strappy shoes on and don't want a big ugly normal plaster on your ankles so are super discreet they also protect from rubbing thanks to the advanced plaster profile. I find that when I wear just a plaster it will fall off within a couple of hours but with Compeed they stay on average for 12 hours or longer-which is perfect for hours upon hours on a festival site.

In the Holly Fulton designed pack are five plasters and come in a handy plastic case small enough for handbags and over night bags. They cost £4.99 and if you're lucky you can pick them up on offer from Boots and Superdrug.

The cracked heel over night cream has been preparing my feet for all of the walking I'll be doing this weekend. I added a layer of the cream just before bed and then added cotton socks to protect them and found that my heels were much smoother the following morning. The cream contains a unique blend of Urea and Lactic Acid and intensively moisturises to improve the appearance of cracked heels while you sleep, which is exactly what it did.
I know that the heel cream is going to be a life saver come Sunday night and I'm home from being on my feet all weekend.

Are you off to any festivals this year? Will you have Compeed in your bag for emergencies? Let me know in the comments or pop along and check out my Instagram at @wonderfulworldblog.

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