Monday, 13 May 2013

Liz Earle Order...1995 Cleanse & Polish Price!

Hello My Lovelies,

I know I've been slacking on the blog posts but like I've said in a previous post I don't like to write a post unless I have something I really want to write about. So on that note expect a couple of blog posts from me this week....

Last week I saw on Twitter that Liz Earle were selling their Cleanse & Polish at 1995 prices (I think it was the year that C&P was first sold by Liz.) this meant that a 100ml with 2 muslin cloths was £9.50!! I was running out of the little C&P tubes that I had so thought even with the P+P this was an amazing price, I also bought a small skin repair moisturiser to keep me going.

As always Liz Earle sent the products so well wrapped, they also added a tester of their new perfume Botanical Essence No 100-I'm not a huge fan of the Liz Earle fragrances so handed this straight over to my mum who loves them.

I luckily live on the Isle Of Wight so my items arrived two days after ordering which made me very happy! I tend to buy from Liz Earle online when they are doing a great deal or when they are doing free postage as this means I don't waste money and petrol driving to their store. I love getting Liz orders as they are such wonderful products, I can't wait till they do their next deal!!
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  1. Ooh wow what a great price! Just followed,Beth May Blogs

  2. Hi Beth, It was an amazing bargain so I had to have it! Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Tori. x


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