Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Disney's Frozen at Carisbrooke Castle Experience!

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At the beginning of the summer I went and saw Top Gun at a drive in cinema and loved the whole experience (you can read my review here: ) and with the summer sadly coming to an end I decided to finish it the way I started by going to an outdoor cinema experience being shown at a Castle! 

The film I chose to see was Disney's Frozen, the screen was set up right inside of the castle walls and had pretty fairy lights and lamps. The atmosphere was a friendly, family environment with children running around playing and eating candy floss and popcorn and the adults relaxing with a beer or tube of pringles!

At 8:45pm the film began and we all settled down in the atmospheric, historic setting of Carisbrooke Castle. Frozen is such a great musical that it was difficult not to sing along to 'Do you wanna build a snowman' or 'Let it Go!' I was super glad that we decided to layer up on the clothing and take a couple of blankets because as the evening turned to night it was really cold- and I had to do some seat dancing to keep warm.

The company that set up and ran the evening was The Travelling Film Show and they put on a really great event-The Travelling Film Show also had other outside cinema events this summer; the other one I particularly wanted to see but missed as I was on holiday was Jaws on one of the Island's beaches- which I can only imagine was fab! I hope the company decides to come back to the Isle next year with other great film choices and wonderful venues!

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? Let me know in the comments!

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