Sunday, 31 August 2014

Vintage University Days!

Hello My Lovelies,

With students off to university in the next month or so I thought I would write a post about my vintage uni days and the differences between then and now-but also some of my tips for getting through your first few weeks away from home!

My Story:

I went to Canterbury Christ Church University in 2002 (yup 12 years ago!) to study Media and Cultural Studies with American Studies. I was super excited about going, I had visited the university and city and knew it was a place that I was going to feel really relaxed and at home so I wasn't too nervous about leaving home for the first time- I think my mum was more upset!

            Outside my halls in 2003.

In my first year at uni I lived with 6 other girls in halls about a five minute walk to my lectures and we had a fab year (with up's and down's!) and enjoyed many many nights out with lots of stories that I still discuss with friends today.

                                   Christmas dinner 2002.

Luckily there wasn't too many distractions for me and not getting my work completed; there was no Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was at uni in America creating FB at the same time I was at uni, no Twitter, Instagram, Skype or FaceTime- I didn't actually even have a laptop back then, and used the university computers to type up essays and send a couple of emails a week to my family. This was the age of writing letters to friends at home and watching 5 T.V channels in the evening!! We did however have the best time stealing each others phones and prank calling/texting which always ended hysterically. On nights out we would take photos on film cameras and then stick them on our bedroom walls.
        Long time friend Craig in my room.

I loved every minute of my university experience and wouldn't change it for the world-I've made life long friends from all the crazy and wild times we've shared including going to see a Big Brother live final and standing with Dermot O'Leary, theme park visits and laughing and crying till the sun was rising.

                               Summer Ball 2003.
              12 years on and still friends, 2014.

So here are my top tips!!

  • Don't over pack (you will spend your student loan on lovely new things!)

  • Speak to everyone (they might become a lifelong friend!)

  • Do ring your parents at least once a week so they know you're alive.

  • Join a club.

  • Make your room feel comfortable (take photo's, your favourite blanket...)

  • Try not to go home in the first month it will only make it harder to get back to uni.

But most of all enjoy your time, you'll be shocked at how quickly three care free years can go!!

Are you off to uni this year? Were you at uni in the 00's? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,

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