Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Library of Fragrance- Vanilla Cake Batter Review!

Hello My Lovelies

When ever you take the lid of a bottle of Library of Fragrance perfume you know it's going to be an adventure for the senses, each scent is unique and totally emotive that makes your imagination run wild. 

I've heard lots of amazing things about the Library of Fragrance over the past few months, so when I was offered the opportunity to review one of the 300 scents available which includes gingerbread, grass and snow I jumped at the chance!

I chose Vanilla Cake Batter and I found the scent to be super sweet with an smoky inflection, I definitely felt the smell was true to life with the hints of vanilla and sugar and that oh so yummy scent. On first spray it's strong to the senses, but not overpowering. The longevity how ever isn't very long, personally for me it was approx two hours which is my only disappointment. You can layer Library of Fragrance perfumes up to create different scents that compliment each other and this can lengthen the time it lasts on your skin, which is what I did with mine.

I adore the clear glass bottle and it looks very chic on my dressing table. Sold for £15 it might seem high, how ever if you can find the fragrances on offer in your local Boots store usually two for £25 then it works out to be a great purchase, and addictive too- since I was sent Vanilla Cake Batter to enjoy I've also bought Marshmallow and Sunshine and there's more on my wish list!!

Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance perfumes, let me know in the comments.

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*The fragrance used in this review was kindly sent to me by Library of Fragrance, as always my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I have only smelt them once in Boots, and I wasn't too keen. Fragrances that I usually love like the vanilla, coconut and musk, I found were too strong and really not nice. Maybe I should try others that I would not normally choose and see if they are any different.

    1. Hi Zoe
      I'm the same I love Body Shop's Vanilla and Coconut body mists. You should definitely try out some of the other scents from Library of Fragrance as they are lovely and great if you don't like strong smells (I get a headache if they are too strong)
      Thanks for leaving a comment!


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