Thursday, 23 June 2016

Disappointing Product Number 6: Kylie Jenner Nail Polish!

Hello My Lovelies

A few years ago Boots used to stock Sinful Colour nail polishes- at first I went crazy for them as they were a brand from America and secondly they were super cheap and then they disappeared. So when I heard Superdrug were going to be stocking them and in collaboration with Kylie Jenner I was really excited.

I ordered the shade Komando a sheer nude which I thought would be perfect for work or a summer wedding. Granted when I ordered this polish I didn't order the top coat as I thought my own would be just as good, but even without this the polish was extremely runny and thin and took three coats for it to look semi decent. The longevity was shocking with only a couple of days before I had to remove it!
The colour and base cost £3 each and whilst they are pretty cheap I know that I can get a better quality nail polish with a similar priced brand like Barry M. I love celebrity endorsements but on this occasion I felt Kylie Jenner just threw her name at the brand, took the money but would never be seen dead wearing the colours on her own nails- and that's disappointing from a consumer and fan.

If they were to look at the formula I may be persuaded to try this polish again but for now I'm going avoid the rest of the collection.

Have you tried any of the Sinful Colour polishes? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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