Sunday, 16 October 2016

Product of the Mid Month (October)- Skechers!

Hello My Lovelies

October's (yesssss October how did we get here already?) product of the month is my current favourite addition to my wardrobe. The most comfiest shoes you'll ever walk in they are.... Skechers! 

I bought these shoes a couple of months ago for £30 in TK Maxx and its the best £30 I've spent in months. They may look pretty basic, a black slip on with a pink insole but these shoes have been saving my feet from the day I put them on! The pink insole isn't just pink its memory foam too, the squdgey inside molds to my feet and keeps them in pure comfort all day.

I tend to have problems with my feet hurting in certain shoes (I have wide feet) and I long for the end of the day and taking them off. With these from Skechers I'm more than happy to keep wearing them for hours and hours.

I had been keeping my eye out for a pair of Skechers for a while (they are really hard to find even online) and even looked in Las Vegas earlier this year, so when I saw these all black ones I knew they would be perfect for work. I also love the fact that these shoes don't have a huge logo across them but just a very subtle silver 'S' on the back.

If you spot these in your local shop I urge you to try them on, I garantee you won't want to put your old shoes back on!

Do you own any Skechers? What do you think of them? Share all your thoughts with me in the comments!

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