Friday, 6 January 2017

New In: Wellwoman Energy Tablets!

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I'm not sure if you feel like me but I'm shattered from the Festive season- It's been hectic I worked right up until Christmas and in between I was popping to London, Oxford and parties with friends and colleagues and now that we are at the start of a new year I'm ready for a little pick me up.

Wellwoman Energy are a great way to give yourself a pep- I've taken mine first thing in the morning by popping one in a glass of water and also eating a banana (as these are slow releasing energy) to keep going all day!
The tablets are jam packed with B6 and B12 which also contribute to your natural energy release. The tablets are easy to use and come in a handy bag sized canister that means you can take these on the go. Coming in two flavours orange (my particular favourite) and lime and only contain 7 calories.

I found that by taking a tablet when I need it (not every day) helped my energy levels so that I could continue my day without flagging at 2:30pm and reaching for a sugary drink or snack which in the past I would regularly do. They are also great for vegetarians, contain no artificial flavours or preservatives, gluten and aspartame free! Taken with a balanced diet Wellwoman energy tablets could give you that little push that we all need at this time of the year.

Have you tried any products from Wellwoman-let me know in the comments!

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