Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Most Used IPhone Apps!

Hello My Lovelies,

I thought I would share with you my most used iPhone/iPad apps! These are the ones I couldn't live without and must use hundreds a time per week.

First up the most common: 

I use and look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dozens of times a day- to think I've only had an iPhone less than year, I don't know how I lasted without these apps.

Next up:

My banking app- I love knowing how much I have in my accounts at the press of a button!


Blogger- This app is great for when I want to write blog posts on the go...I'm actually writing on it now!

Timehop- A new one to my iPhone- it's great to look back on years gone by.

Boots- This app is amazing especially as I love to keep my eye on Boots offers and the best way to collect points.

Facebook Messenger- I find it a bit annoying that to message my friends on FB I have to use an app-however it's a useful one.

WeQ4u- My phone won't ring 0800 or 0845 numbers, but this app changes them into numbers my phone will accept. This app will also queue for you and ring you back when you're about to be connected.

Depop- a quick and easy way to sell your stuff, much better than eBay if you ask me!

YouTube for watching all my favourite youtubers and my Debenhams Beauty Club app, collecting lots of points on my favourite makeup products.

And finally...

A Beautiful Mess, an app that allows you to create collages- I use this app each week to use on twitter showing what's been happening each week on my blog.

Do you own any of these apps? Which ones are your most used? I would love some recommendations.... Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,

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