Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Ran Ban Obsession!

Hello My Lovelies,

With Summer fast approaching I wanted to share with you all a little obsession that I have....I can't get enough of Ray Ban sunglasses!

My obsession with this brand all started a few years ago when my sister bought herself a pair, I loved the way they looked and the quality and so I decided that I needed some in my life.

Now it wasn't as simple for me to just go and buy a pair online or from a local retailer because I have to have prescription lenses and at that point I didn't know of any where that would do that for me so I just had to be content at swooning over my sisters.

Then one day my friend told me of an optician near to where we live that stocked Ray Ban's and that would put my lenses in! Well she didn't need to tell me twice and within the day I had ordered what would become my first pair of Ray Ban sunglasses!

My first pair were the Club master and I loved them, wearing them at every opportunity for the next year. I then decided again after seeing my sister donning beautiful aviators that I haddddd to have some and so went back and handed over my hard earned cash for Ray Bans number two!

I then saved my pennies for a year.....PHEW! and then a few weeks ago after having my eye on a pair of the Erika's since last summer I caved and went and bought those too taking my Ray Ban sunglasses count to three!!

I think you'll agree that I have an obsession and one that I think I will probably always have, whilst they continue to create trendy, timeless frames I will continue to buy them. Though I am tempted if the opportunity ever presents its self to buy myself some prescription Chanel sunglasses!!

Do you own any Ray Ban sunglasses? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,

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