Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Skin Care Overhaul!

Hello My Lovelies

My skin has totally changed in the last four to six months, its gone from quite sensitive with dry areas to super oily- the only reason I can think is maybe my skin has started to change due to age (I'm not in my 20's anymore!) I've noticed that my skin will become very oily by lunch time and I was having to blot and powder. With this in mind I knew I needed to make some changes to my skin care routine and so I began to research brands that might be able to help me combat the shine.

It was actually much trickier than I imagined to find any reviews or advice on products but after quite some research I found a selection of products from Neutrogena that looked like they might work. So I popped to Boots and found they were on offer and picked up the face wash, face scrub and moisturiser in the Visibly Clear pink grapefruit range.

I started using the products at the same time, using the face wash once a day in the morning along with the moisturiser (twice a day) and then the face scrub once a week and I noticed a difference within a couple of days. My skin wasn't as oily by lunch to the point I didn't have to use a powder or blotting paper half as much and I felt a lot less stressed out by the way my skin was looking.

I'm no pro regarding skin care and whilst I'm happy with the products I'm currently using I'm always on the look out for recommendations that might help my skin so feel free to leave them in the comments. 
I think next time I pop to Boots I might pick up the wipes and give them ago too!

Till next time,


  1. I've heard so much about this range from Neutrogena. I really want to try their makeup at some point! :D

    1. Hi Sharmi
      Can you get their makeup range in the U.K as I've never seen it...Thank you for leaving a comment and your continued support.

  2. I tried this Vic three months ago! only good for the smell! made me break out in tiny little spots!

    1. Is that you Vic? I wasn't a fan of the smell...I've noticed a few spots recently hoping its the not the Neutrogena!
      Thanks for leaving a comment.


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