Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Boost Juice Event at WestQuay!

Hello My Lovelies

I love love love making smoothies at home with my Breville (you can see my post on it here...( they are such an easy way to consume lots of healthy fruit and vegetables. So when I was invited along by West Quay and Boost to learn more about their smoothies and juices I literally couldn't wait.

We were welcomed by the team at Boost and given some delicious samples which went down very quickly as we learnt all about the brand's origins and the health benefits of their products.
Boost began in 2000 in Australia by Janine Allis when she couldn't find any healthy fast food options for her and her family. The brand quickly expanded and in 2007 was brought to the UK by Dawn and Richard O'Sullivan, there is now a whopping 300 stores in over 20 countries and is continually growing!

I'm not sure about you but I always worry about what naughty ingredients might be in a smoothie or juice and this is where Boost is unique- their products are all 100% healthy and contain no artificial sweeteners! Which means you know that what ever item you choose off of their extensive menu whether it be one of the low fat smoothies made with their patented probiotic Low Fat Yoghurt or a Fruit Crush which is 99% fat free and 100% diary free that you are getting a healthy drink.

We then headed back to the booth with a bag full of goodies to create our own drink from the menu. It was pretty hard to choose which one to make with tasty names that include tropical storm, gym junkie, lean lemon squeezy or perky pine but I was drawn to 'banana buzz' as I love banana flavoured drinks and eat at least three a day!

My chosen smoothies ingredients include other than bananas; honey (I also have a sweet tooth!), no fat milk, vanilla yoghurt and ice. What's great about Boost is that you can personalise each drink so you can remove and add different fruits- I didn't fancy the dash of cinnamon so I left it out on this occasion. It was then given a quick blend and ready to drink, it took less than four minutes to make!

It tasted exactly like a sweet banana milkshake but without all the bad stuff and wow was it also filling- you would never ever believe it was made with yogurt and not ice-cream! I could easily get addicted to Boost and can't wait to go back and try some of the other amazing flavours I may even add an energy ball!

It was so nice to have the opportunity to get behind the bar with the lovely staff and try making my own super healthy smoothie! Have you tried Boost before? what's your favourite flavour let me know in the comments!

Till next time,

*I was kindly invited by Boost & WestQuay & gifted a voucher for attending this event.


  1. Boost Juice is the absolute best! OMG! I love it sooo much! :D

    1. Hi Sharmi
      I'm now totally obsessed with Boost Juice! What's your favourite drink to order?
      Thanks for your comment and support!


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