Friday, 15 April 2016

USA Drug Store Haul!

Hello My Lovelies

Las Vegas was insane and I loved every minute of it- I especially loved going into CVS & Walgreens to have a good look at all of the drug store make up products. I obviously couldn't not get a few items...

First up the blogger favourite EOS lip balm, I still have it in its packaging so I can't wait to use that ASAP!

I also picked up some of the Burt's Bees face wipes, I've had some before but they are quite hard to get hold of in the U.K so when I saw these mini packs were two for $8 I thought I would give them ago.

Physicians Formula was on my list before I went away so I chose this Argan wear bronzer- look out for a review on my blog soon.

When I spotted the Covergirl and Wet and Wild stands I wasn't sure what to purchase so I chose items I knew I would use everyday. I went for a concealer and powder which I have to say is my favourite item from my drugstore haul!

Have you ever tried any of these American brands? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to come and check out my Instagram account wonderfulworldblog.

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