Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Youtuber's made me buy it-Fashion Edition!

Hello My Lovelies

Youtuber's and bloggers are super influencers, I always recommend products to friends and family and also here on my blog and I wonder how often do people take those recommendations and buy the products? I too love to see what other bloggers are purchasing and on occasion go and buy some of my favourite items.

I recently saw this belt on Fleur De Force's Coachella vlog- a western style leather belt from Topshop. I had been looking for a new belt for some time and when I saw Fleur wearing hers I knew I had to have it. 
Also from Topshop and seen on Hannah Gale's Instagram are these wooden and suede block heel sandals. I really didn't need another pair of shoes but Hannah had styled them so effortlessly that I knew they would look great this summer with really simply outfits. The heel height is just right for someone like me that literally can't walk in anything other flat shoes!! 

I can't say one particular blogger or Youtuber influenced me to purchase this jumper as I saw it across social media but the pretty Spring pink shade and comfy style is perfect for lounging around or I'll wear my to my dance classes. It was £5 in Primark which is an utter bargain!!

Finally this t-shirt was spotted on Tanya Burr's video's and social media. I picked this up in New Look which was actually part of a pj set. I wear the bottoms to bed and wear the top with denim skirts and boots on the weekends. I love the text but just wish the date was 1983 and not 1993 as this was the year I was born. It's a really light material so will be fab to wear in the warmer months coming up (well hopefully!) 

What have your favourite youtuber's inspired you to buy? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram at wonderfulworldblog.

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