Saturday, 13 May 2017

Product of the Month-May 2017!

Hello My Lovelies

I've not written a product of the month for so long- but I've been loving the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray for months and couldn't resist 'bigging' it up here on my blog!

Firstly how did I live without this product for so long?? Why didn't somebody tell me that I needed it in my makeup stash and then frog march me to my nearest stockist?

I've been using the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray for just over a year after picking up one of the mini bottles in Sephora. Since that trip to Sephora I have been obsessed with using this little gem to set my makeup on days when I really need it to last. Before UD setting spray I never really saw the point of using anything other than powder to set my makeup but this is a game changer. I always end up with a greasy t-zone and the spray really does keep the shine at bay for hours without clogging my pores and makes my finished look pretty much flawless.

You can pick up a 118ml bottle of the spray for £23.50 or a 30ml travel size for £10- whilst to me that is a little pricey it is so worth the price and especially if you can get a discount code.

Have you tried the Urban Decay setting sprays before- let me know your thoughts in the comments or via twitter @steaders83.

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